Power Mixx Fitness is powered by Lagree Fitness.

The Lagree Fitness Method is a high-intensity low impact workout that is adaptable to everybody.  It's the perfect alternative to other high intensity training options.  Lagree Fitness effectively combines resistance, endurance, core, and cardio training to safely stimulate strength, flexibility, and balance.  Men and women of all ages can benefit from this complete body workout.

About Us

Power Mixx Fitness is powered by Lagree Fitness. Lagree fitness is the most innovative full body workout that has gained popularity among celebrities, athletes, and those who want a cutting edge fitness method. It is one of the hottest and safest workouts in the fitness industry. This 45 minute core crunching, quad burning resistance exercises is performed on the patented Megaformer. You will strengthen, lengthen, and tone your body. The Megaformer is only one of the many ways you will be able to transform yourself at PMF. We also offer Barre Classes, Personal Training, and Private Megaformer sessions.

Low Impact

High Intensity

Maximum Results

Our Classes

Power Mega

Power Mega is our signature 45 minute Megaformer class. If you want to lengthen, tone muscle, and torch body fat, this is your workout.

Power Barre

Barre offers you a fat burning workout that integrates the use of a ballet barre, light weights, and various props. A challenging low-impact workout that will give you amazing results.

Power Mixx

Power Mixx will take you to the next level. Mixx it up with the Megaformer, Barre, Cardio and much more. The instructor will keep you guessing with what may come next. Must have taken at least 8 Megaformer classes before you are eligible for Power Mixx.

Mega Express

Short on time. This 30 minute megaformer class will hit every muscle in record time.

Power Mamas

Power Mamas is designed especially for the expectant moms. This Pre-natal class focuses on sculpting the body while showing you modifications to keep the baby safe at all times.

**This class will be once a month. It is safe for expectant moms to take the regular classes with some modifications**