Power Mega

Our signature class is for all fitness levels. This 45 minute class focuses solely on your slow twitch muscle fibers. During this high intensity, low impact workout you will strengthen your core, enhance your endurance, and build long, lean muscles.

Mega Stretch

Our Mega stretch class gives you an amazing 30 minute workout on the Megaformer followed by a 15 minute stretch. This is a great way to add a little extra stretching to help lengthen muscles and prevent injury


Climb new heights with our vertical climbing class.  Full body workout in only 30 minutes.  The combination of strength and cardio training will burn calories while toning your arms, back, abs, glutes, and legs.  High Intensity without the impact on your joints.  This workout can be done in grip socks or tennis shoes.  

Mega Mixx

Our Mega  Mixx class takes it to the next level. This low impact high intensity class combines strength training and cardio on and off the Mega for an amazing sweat session.  We utilize weights, Bosu balls, resistance bands, and pilates rings.