Melissa Finkelstein - Owner/Instructor

I used to live out my passion for fitness by coaching my kids’ sports teams (volleyball, basketball, and soccer). It was such a great experience that I knew I wanted to do more.   I was lucky enough to fall into the fitness industry 7 years ago when I was asked to become a Barre instructor. The training I received was amazing and allowed me to take my passion for fitness to the next level.   I had always wanted to be in a position to help people. Teaching allows me to motivate and help others gain confidence in themselves. I personally struggled with working out and maintaining a healthy weight when I was younger and can relate to many others who have had the same struggles.

I discovered Lagree Fitness years ago at Body Lab in Leawood, Kansas.   I absolutely love the workout and how it is never easy.   There is always another level to take your workout to and I think it is so important to keep your mind and body challenged. Opening Power Mixx  Fitness has helped me live out my passion for health and fitness.

Melissa graduated from Loyola University Chicago in Communications. She held multiple postions in sales and management with Pfizer, and Safeco. She has a strong background in teaching, managing, and business development.

Brandon Rutledge - Instructor

Associate’s Degree in Occupational Sciences for Personal Training, Lagree Fitness Certification and ACE Certified Personal Trainer since January 2014. I played sports since childhood, most notably football and wrestling. After high school, I coached youth football for five years until completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. After several years of work in the finance industry, I made the difficult decision to return to school in order to pursue my passion for health and fitness in 2012.

I discovered the Lagree Fitness Experience in the spring of 2015, and it was like coming home.  My personal philosophy for health and fitness is that exercise should be a lifestyle.  It should be something that you enjoy (so you’ll actually do it), and something you can do forever (as opposed to high-impact methods which take a negative toll on your body).  Working for myself, I have enjoyed the ability to discriminate against methods I believe to be too hard on your body.  I love Lagree because whether you’re 8 or 80, a first-timer or master, you can challenge yourself deeply in each workout if you choose to.  There is always room for improvement and refinement, even at an elite level.  Plus, this is all done without trashing your joints and/or muscles.

Jen Wright - Instructor

I have always been passionate about health and fitness.  In 2008, I decided it was time to turn my passion into something more. I was certified through the American Council on Exercise as a personal trainer.  I love being able to encourage and motivate others to adopt healthy lifestyles and achieve their goals.  While I love working with clients one on one, I wanted to be able to help more people learn to enjoy exercise and live a healthy lifestyle, so moved into group fitness in 2014.

I love Lagree Fitness because I can get all five elements of physical fitness in one 45 minute workout, and it is easy on my joints.  It’s the perfect compliment to my other favorite workout…running.  It’s fast and efficient! I’m excited to share my enthusiasm and love of the workout with others.  I’m thrilled to be back teaching Lagree at Power Mixx!

Mike Avant - Instructor

Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science from St. Olaf College in Northfield MN. Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. Always trying to learn more about the fitness field. Swam competitively from age 6 all throughout college. Learned early on that land sports were not for me as I lacked hand-eye and foot-eye coordination. Taught swim lessons to young kids eager to learn more about the sport, or just becoming comfortable in the water. After graduating college, I wasn't quite ready to give up on swimming since it had been a huge part of my life for 15 years, so I went into college coaching. Have been working with clients and teaching classes for 3 years now. My ADHD, combined with my love (more so addiction) for coffee allows me to be high energy, which helps motivate clients to get moving more. Minnesota native, moved to Colorado in April of 2017, running away from rough winters and overly hot summers for moderate climate, mountains, and a more dog-friendly environment.

Lindsey Somers - Instructor

Bachelors of Science in Dance Management from Oklahoma City University and NASM certified in Personal Training. Growing up as a dancer, I have always been active and was trained to take care of my body. It wasn’t until I left for college that it finally sank in that the exercise that I had always been used to when I was younger wasn’t going to work the same anymore. That’s when I really fell in love with fitness (working out and eating right) so then I could continue to do what I love in the long run. Since graduating college a year ago, I’ve continued dancing professionally, as well as taken the time to build up my own fitness business; as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. I never realized how much influencing the lives of others through something I’m passionate about would impact my own life until now!

I stumbled upon the Lagree Method about 3 years ago when I myself was going through some hard times with self-love and finding something that would give me the results I was looking for.  Ever since my first class, I have loved how efficient the workout is without putting strain on the body. As a dancer and now devoted weight lifter, my body is already under a lot of pressure, so having a workout I can turn to that will still push me past my limits without a lot of high-impact work, is very beneficial.